Home Cars How to extend the life of your luxury car?

How to extend the life of your luxury car?

How to extend the life of your luxury car?

How to extend the life of your luxury car? A luxury car is considered a family member, according to experts in the Auto Car Bulletin, which is issued at the European Union headquarters in Brussels and specializes in luxury cars. Some of them say that in order to keep the car beautiful and in the most complete cases, it must be treated as a beautiful woman. All this means that in order to extend the life of your luxury car and make it fully prepared to meet your transportation needs, you should pay attention to a number of things that were described as important in order to keep your car with a renewed aesthetic appearance. What are these requirements, according to the European Bulletin?

1 – Changing the filters regularly because the accumulated dirt affects the performance of the car and can cause sudden future malfunctions.

2 – The car must be driven smoothly and not use roughness when handling the steering wheel.

3 – Maintaining the car’s paint by stopping it in closed places and avoiding placing it in open places exposed to strong sunlight, dust or dirt.

4- Paying attention to changing oils (brake and motor oils, as well as hydraulic system oils.

5 – Always check tires, and it is preferable to install a tire pressure monitor.

6 – Do full maintenance before each long-distance travel.

7 – Paying attention to the brakes and the brake system and avoiding sudden stops frequently.

8 – Continuous attention to the spare tire (Step Tire).

9 – Put the appropriate cover for the seats inside the car to avoid scratches.

10 – Check the fuel tank cap every time the car is refueled. This means that the tank is closed properly to prevent fuel leakage.

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